Friday, February 12, 2010

Bollywood Actress Showing Boobs Why Is Aishwarya Rai(bollywood Actress) Showing Way Too Much Cleavage & Boobs In Front Of Her In-laws?

Why is aishwarya rai(bollywood actress) showing way too much cleavage & boobs in front of her in-laws? - bollywood actress showing boobs

seriously, that 1 Then I saw past1 1 Ding, Aishwarya started showing tons of cleavage in most social events .. is the Festival de Cannes ... Premiere movie or a birthday party .... 80 years added to the recently bared their backs on the back of the neck in the latest fashion .. Scans scans and verve.
In the year had been married Indian traditional dress, with all humility and in the year 2008, that all his modesty, suddenly disappeared, and began showing her cleavage and breasts, as if hell ... . Believe me or not .. Cannes, 2008 and 2009 ...
wats even more shocking is the fact that they do not expose intelligence before his wife's parents (Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachh) .. goes against IndiaNo culture ... I will not dare to 1 in India, do .... Wat is ... bach hans account and not his daughter to walk in light clothing and hand in hand with her .. in Cannes and other events
She is a girl showing cleavage, before the laws are justified? Wat kind of company is it? To what extent is the next generation of his family goin for them to have?
Why do you need to declare their assets, well ahead of the family?


  1. Remember, even film stars Amitabh Jaya Cape ND
    Advertising everybody wants nothing more
    Sun Character
    aishwriya RAI is a ***** and towers of the public that his popular.she only in the movies he was acting to "grandstanding"

  2. It has not changed ", perhaps it has to be the need for more sensual than a few years ago, and his marriage.

  3. If married, has not stopped Aish, a movie star.
    Use wear normal clothes for the stars.

  4. Well, I do not know ....... this is not much worse, but it must be ...

  5. and she is an adult and can do what you want